A few days ago, I needed to encode numeric identifiers in a short and url-safe format. Something similar to what url shorteners use (e.g. SlvUp7 in http://bit.ly/SlvUp7). Encoding the ids in base 64 would work if an alternative alphabet is provided for the non url-safe symbols. But since I wanted to have only alpha-numeric characters, I chose to use base 62 instead.

While working on this problem, I had the idea of the coding exercise I’m sharing here: a utility for converting back and forth base 10 numerals to strings of base X equivalent –just like itoa and atoi in C (except that atoi doesn’t take a base parameter). In order to make things a bit more interesting, I decided to learn myself some Scala and translate the code to functional style. Both implementations are detailed here and available online under the terms of the Apache version 2 license.

At the end, I didn’t resist the temptation to do a C# vs. Scala performance benchmark. I also coded and added a Java implementation to the tests in order to distinguish the performance change due to switching from the CLR to the JVM, and the one introduced by the translation to functional style and to the Scala runtime.

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